1, What is sliceform?

Sliceform is a method of modeling a 3D model by piecing the pieces together. The pieces are tied together by many groove. It is used in many works by pop up artists like Yee design, Marrivi, Hiroko…

Here are some sliceform models:

Sliceform-basic-1 Sliceform-basic-2

The images above is just basic geometric model and couldn’t show all beauty of this method, artist usuallt add more detail and modify them into delicate productions like following:

Sliceform-basic-3 Sliceform-basic-4 Sliceform-basic-5

2, So who invented Sliceform?


Sliceform techniques derived from a mathematician called Olaus Henrici who taught in London in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He used the cross-section model of quaternary surface, which is similar to a spherical, or oval, or parabolae hyperbolae.

That day the method used to create these models was not fully exploited, however initial application of sliceform is to hold fruit …; D

But then, Sliceform started being used in geometry simulation teaching. Science Museum in London still retains Sliceform models from the 19th century until now.

3, Getting Started with Sliceform

The following models are simple sliceform models for beginners to guide you how to assemble and attach to the card. They seem to be so simple and do not take much time, so some people might think they’re bored. But actually it’s totally a misconception. Just try them before challenge yourself at higher level.

Sliceform tetrahedron


_Sliceform Super-egg


_Sliceform hyperbolic paraboloid


The patterns of these models can be found here http://goo.gl/qSgE2o

You can find more advanced patterns on website aoccraft.com

4, How to attach pieces to form sliceform modeling?

In most cases, you should cut 2 pieces which will be paired together, then cut the grooves and assemble them. Some models have numbers in the diagram to display the order of the pieces assembled.

Some Slideform pattern is accompanied by assemnble diagrams which helps us easily imagine the structure of the card so that it can be folded easily.

A typical assemble diagram:

Sliceform-basic-9 Sliceform-basic-10

When cutting the slideform pattern you should cut carefully; especially grooves, as if cutting unevenly between grooves can make them not fit together. In addition, it can make the card inflated. A well-cut pattern when folded will fit completely and the card will be flat.

Another important tip is that when cutting the grooves, you should cut them wide enough to fit the thikness of the paper. If they are too large, the model will collapse easily, especially when building complex patterns. In contrast, too small grooves can make folded form blocked.