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Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card – Kissing Couple

Hi all! We guide to making the Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple.

This pop-up card features a boy and girl in the center of the card, surrounded by a bouquet of flowers.  As you open the card, the boy and girl move toward each other and kiss.  This is a very cute card because it actually moves as you open it, which makes it a very unique and impressive card.  It’s always been one of my favorite cards to make.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple

Here is an animation of the pop up card.  You have to see the card in action to appreciate the moving pieces.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple


Step 1:

 You need download pattern, then print out the pattern on color paper.  Use the pattern to cut out all the parts out of card stock. Fold the “boy” and “girl” at the dotted lines and insert the bottom tabs into the slots in the inside card as shown in image 1 above. 

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple - Step 1

Step 2:

Fold the “bouquet” of hearts at the dotted lines.  Note that there are two sets of tabs at the bottom or inside of the piece.  Look for the smaller, connected tab as shown in image 2 and insert it in the inside card in front of the couple.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple - Step 2

Step 3:

Image 3 shows what the smaller tab looks like after it is inserted into the inside card.  Insert the larger tabs into the opposite slot.  The tabs are separate so you will need to carefully push them together, in order to fit them in the slot.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple - Step 3

Step 4:

Fold the inside card down the center. Tape the tabs down as shown in image 4.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple - Step 4

Step 5:

At the ends of the “bouquet” of hearts, fold the hearts down the center along the dotted lines and slot the two hearts together as shown in image 5.  Make sure that the heart halves are on the inside of the ring.  You can glue these heart tabs down if you like.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple - Step 5

Step 6:

Insert the corners of the inside card into the outside card as shown in image 6.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple - Step 6

Step 7:

Image 7 shows the card fully assembled with all corners of the inside card inserted into the outside card.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple - Step 7

Step 8:

Finally, glue the extra hearts around the “bouquet” of hearts as shown in image 8.  You can alternate from solid and outlined hearts.  Then you can glue the “Happy Valentine’s Day” text at the top of the card.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple - Step 8

Step 9:

Open and close the card to make sure the couples kiss in the center.  You can adjust each person by bending them slightly forward or backward so that their heads/lips meet in the center.

Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple

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Source Wikipedia