Today we show u how to make DIY cute envelopes for cute gifts. 

Envelope handmade: Prepare

  • paper (color)
  • hard paper
  • ribbon/thread

  • glue
  • scissor
  • pin or small nail.

Now we start to do it

Step 1: Print ( or redraw) and cut the pattern

Sample 1 ( size A5)

phong bì 1

Sample 2 (size A4 & A7)

phong bì 3 phong bì 2

Cut some circles.

phong bì 4

Step 2: Fixed circle by pin (or small nail ) as shown

phong bì 5

Step 3: Fold the left edge, fixed with glue

Fixed circle as step 2

Winding to sealed envelope

phong bì 6


phong bì 7


Let do it yourself! Good luck!


( Via: Internet )