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How to make envelope handmade

Today we show u how to make DIY cute envelopes for cute gifts.  Envelope handmade: Prepare paper (color) hard paper ribbon/thread glue scissor pin or small nail. Now we start to do it Step 1: Print ( or redraw) and cut the pattern Sample 1 ( size A5) Sample 2 (size A4 & A7) Cut […]

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A Brief History of the Pop-Up Book

Books contain tremendous power. They captivate our minds, change the way we look at the world, and transport us to faraway lands. It seems hardly possible to make books any richer than they already are. However, through the beauty of illustrations and the mechanics of pop-up books, readers of all ages can find an even greater […]

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Base for origamic architecture design

Designing origamic architecture is not hard, but it does take a lot of time and patience. The art form has as many possibilities and your imagination is the limit. This mini lesson will take you through the beginning steps of designing origamic architecture. Most common in OA are houses and buildings: these are easy (relatively […]

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phân loại các loại gỗ công nghiệp - gỗ nhựa

Phân loại các loại gỗ công nghiệp

Gỗ dán (Plywood): + Cấu tạo: Nhiều lớp gỗ mỏng ~1mm ép chồng vuông góc với nhau bằng keo chuyên dụng + Tính chất: Không nứt, không co ngót, ít mối mọt, chịu lực cao. Có gỗ dán thường, gỗ dán chịu nước phủ phim, phủ keo. Bề mặt thường không phẳng nhẵn + Độ dày thông […]

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