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Custom Design Process

What is involved in creating a custom designed pop-up card, and how does the process work? We have been specializing in Custom Pop-Ups for years, and we think we have the pop-up process as streamlined as it gets. Here’s how it goes…


First, let’s brainstorm your ideas. Tell us what sort of Custom Design you have in mind. How do you envision its use? What items do you want to feature and what else should be incorporated as background material? What feeling do you want to create? What colors do you think would work best?

Which card in our Gallery is closest to what you want?

We will listen carefully and make recommendations to capture your vision as closely as possible in your custom card. You decide whether you want an illustrated card, or a card made up of a montage of your photos. Together, we’ll decide what reference materials we will need in order to build your cards. Also, we’ll give you an email to confirm that we say YES or NO before doing next steps.


Next step—you collect your reference materials including logos, text, photos you want us to use etc.  These materials may include photos, your logo, PDF’s of other work you have done… whatever you like! You can also include the text you want on the front and back cover of your cards. The more information we have on your company, the better we can match you and your Custom Designs. Most clients use email/ Dropbox to send those files  to us.

At this stage we will also ask you to mail your deposit check (we require a 100% deposit for all custom projects). This fee will be refunded base on your final quantity per order as our policy. Pls get in touch with us to get the promotions every month.


When we receive your files, we will send an email to you to review the preliminary layout and composition for your cards.

Next, we’ll assign a designer to your project and, a week or so after we receive your materials, we’ll provide you with our artist’s mock-up design.

Here is your chance to critique! Pass it around, get feedback, and let us know what you love, and what could be better, so that we can fine-tune the design.


Our designers will incorporate your feedback into their final design, and then we’ll supply you with a final proof by photos/ original cards if you want.


Once you are happy with the design for your pop-up card, we will handle all the production issues and then ship to you as other shipments.
Easy, right? Maybe even lots of fun! Tell us about your project so that we can give you a Quick Note. Or let us send you some samples of our own Pop-Up Cards!


How to choose a high quality 3D greeting cards

Today, there are a large number of 3D greeting cards with variety of shape, color, size supplied by many manufacturers to meet customers’ demand. However, some manufacturers have not really care about quality control problems, leading to the fact that defective products are still consumed in the market.

Many customers. To help you be able to choose the good 3D greeting cards, we would like to give some tips to realize the bad products.


To have a good quality, all layers of the card is required to be made from 200-220gsm paper. To reduce the producing cost, some companies use inferior paper from China with lower paper weight. Products made from such kinds of paper are usually soft, uncertain and fragile.

The corners and edges uneven

To detect this error please folded cards and observe carefully its corners and edges. We would like to give some picture below.

Traces of glue and stains of cut

When applying glue to layers of card, handicraftsman make the glue spill onto the cover, edges or slots. In addition, visible yellow stains created by laser will be darker day by day if not be treated carefully. So when choosing the cards you should note carefully the edge, the slots, and the detail of each layer.

Sharpness of cut details

Technology used to produce cards is laser cutting. Sharpness of the cut depends on the quality of the cutting machine. Good laser machine will create intricate, small, thin cuts, while substandard laser machine will leave jaggies and could not create thin cuts.

The flatness of cards

Card surface are affected by process of attaching layers by glue. Sometimes due to using too much glue, card can be bulging or bent

  Above are the common mistakes that you can discover yourself. Hope that this article has shown you how to evaluate and choose the good 3D card to make gifts for your loved ones.

How to pick a memorable gift

Occasions that need a card account for a large number of day during the year. If you are always confused about what should be the best memorable gift for each event, here are some tips:

Gift for congratulations

Holiday Pop-up Card PCFT1603

New Year holiday is the fresh beginning to everyone. Beside going out with friends and relatives, you may give them presents and best wishes. But instead of boring traditional items, why don’t you try a new form of souvenir like a 3D card which is a popular trend recently. With a variety of designs and colors, handmade cards will fulfill your expectation.

Gift for birthdays

Animal-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1603 (2)

The birthday of your friends is coming but you are too busy to buy a present. Don’t worry, handmade card is the best solutions for your case. Cards with the images of birthday cake or candles, wrapped gifts is for you. Even you have buy another item, the card is still a value extra that showing your sincere.

Gift for wedding

Wedding-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1603 (1)

You are about to get married, celebrate your wedding elated to this subject such as groom and bride, wedding car and rings. Therefore you certainly find a perfect card.

Gift for love

Love-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1601 (2)

You are in love or intending to flirt someone. You want to give your partner something special in Valentine’s Day. Annually, there always were just flowers, chocolates, which is boring easy to forget. In this subject, you can send cards with images like couples, heart or other 3D models visualizing the first date. These cards will make the recipient feel great when thinking back to the milestone in love.

Gift for Christmas

Flower-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1603 (2)

Christmas is coming and you want to send gifts and best wishes to your family and friends. It will be easy and more valuable to give them pop up cards containing pictures of Santa or simply pine trees decorated colorfully.

Gift for other occasions

Other-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1602 (2)

There are many other events which come from differences of nations and cultures that you may want to send out a gift. In such cases, you have a lot of options depending on taste of recipients. For instance, if they are interested in ancient ship, car or the other valuable things that you cannot afford it, a small pattern attached in a card surely make them happy.

In general, handmade items with sophistication and complexity will make people amused. Moreover, they can be delivered easily with compact size in order to help you save much more time and display space. With reasonable price, they can also meet any criteria.

Wish you find a great gift through the share above.

Gift Culture

Gift Culture

On holidays or special occasions, we often receive significant gifts from relatives and friends, attach with meaningful cards recording wishes, messages.

The rapid development of the Internet has changed the habit of giving gifts of lots of people. Busy people now choose social network or using the e-cards to send wishes instead of using decorated paper cards as in the past. No matter how popular new e-card is, traditional paper cards are now still used by an enormous number of people.

Gift Culture (2)

The custom of sending cards was started in the UK in 1843. Before that people often send wishes by letter bring directly to the receiver. Later, thanks to the postal system development that sending cards was not as laborious as before. The first card was designed by J. Horsley – an artist in London. His close friend-Sir Henry Cole – a rich merchant in the UK – asked Horsley to create a nice card to send to his relatives and friends for Christmas. So, in Christmas 1843, Horsley unveiled first Christmas card in the world which is 3-part handmade painting style. The middle section depicts a family gathering around the Christmas party and the other two shows scenes of poor children who are fed and dressed for warmth. On the first Christmas card stood this greeting: Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you!

Gift Culture (3)

Today, cards with various designs, vivid color, different meanings and a great number of cards for kids even have flashing lights and accompanying music. Besides, there are many sophisticated, elaborately-made 3D greeting cards, handmade cards which contain many cultural values.

Go along with the cards are best wishes, so no matter how the card is, recipient receives the card with love and care. Giving a card is not difficult, but it is the message inside that expresses the thoughts of giver.  Writing a message is somehow even harder than choosing a bunch of flowers or a gift. It requires giver a little extra time and affection. You can use wishes or quotes available on the Internet, or write down your real feelings. However, at first, the recipient is impressed by the external form rather than words inside. When selecting a card, you should care about your purpose. Choosing an unsuitable card that is not related to the reason may make the recipient feel that you do not care their feeling, and that detract the value of the card pretty much. Secondly, you should care about the characteristic of the recipients such as gender, age, job … For example, cards for women should be softer and more graceful, romantic than for men; cards for young children should look funny and colorful …

Gift Culture (1)

A lot of people consider that card is just an additional item, but actually, it is the essential part of a meaningful gift. It is likely that a present without any messages is just something reluctant and contains no sincere. To some people, cards are enough for all occasions. Besides including a lot of sense, cards are mobile and easy to be delivered.

Finally, cards are appropriate to be stored. Recipients would put it all into a small box so as to look back any time. Further than that, senders would feel appreciated on seeing their wishes kept carefully. Thus, your relation will be strengthen.

Gift Culture (4)

Entity Capacity

Legal capacity

  • Enterprise’s name: AOC Craft Vietnam Joint Stock Company
  • Transaction name in English: AOC CRAFT., JSC
  • Business registration certificate: No. 0106880308
  • Issued by: Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on date 16 June 2015 
  • Main activity area: Manufacturing, Trading
  • Taxpayer Identification Number: 0106880308
  • Charter capital: 1.800.000.000 VND
  • Address: No.14, alley 67/4, lane 67, Nam Du Street, Linh Nam sub-district, Hoang Mai district, HaNoi, VietNam
  • Number of employee: over 50 people

Production Capacity

Production Capacity

AOC CRAFT VIETNAM,.JSC, formerly known as an individual production establishment, was founded in 2010. During 5 years of operation, the company has gained many achievements in manufacturing, upgrading, improving product design as well as developing and expanding the consumer market. Currently, the company has cooperated with many domestic and international partners. Product pop-up cards of the company were offered in many countries around the world such as America, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Australia … With abundant human resources, advanced machinery systems and many years of experience we have made large orders with quantities up to 10-15 thousand products. By maintaining and developing quality products with the guaranteed delivery time, our company has built a good image in the eyes of customers both domestically and internationally.



 At present, the company’s human resources with more than 50 workers, with productivity of 4-5 thousand products per month can meet the needs of any order. Raw materials are imported directly to ensure product quality as well as competitive price in the market.

Design capacity

During the past five years, the number of designs in the company has reached thousands. Each year company has put on the market about 100-200 new designs with many different themes such as festivals, architecture, film, scenery, love, anniversaries … and get many positive feedbacks from partners and customers. Aside from continuously refreshing product themes, improving staff skills, innovating new construction methods, the company is constantly changing in size, style product appearance and packaging specifications, labels to fit the needs in each market segment.

The production process

The production process