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Draw ceiling lamp for wood cutting

wood cutting

Software: Sketchup


 – Curve: Draw curves

 – Push: Change object’s thickness

 – Array: When you move or rotate an object, you can copy it by press number and x or / (exam 5x, 5/ …)


First, start with rectangle. I always with a rectangle, to make a face and then I can draw everything on this face with draw tool as curve, line or freehand…

Use curve to draw a curve on that face to make a rail of lamp


Beacau the rail mirror then I only draw a half and then copy and flip it.

Then I make that rail to a component (press G – defaul). If I make a component, then I can fix one object for all the same components copy.

Draw a circle to hold the rails


Push the rail with high same thickness wood


Rotate and copy the rail component: Choose the component, then use rotate tool (Q) to rotate it, with center at center of the circle. And depend angle of rotate, you can multply or divide to copy components.

Exam: If you want to rotate 12degree, and copy to 30 component (for 360degree of all) , you can do 2 ways:

– Rotate 12 degrees and hold Ctrl to duplicate, then press 29x (multiply)

– Rotate 360 degrees and hold Ctrl to duplicate, then press 29/ (divide)




Push the holding circle with the thickness of wood


Scale to make the lamp as you want


Test lampshade: You can creat a light bulb to render and test shading

– Creat a Light bulb


– Apply material and texture for lamp


– Render to test shading


When you feel everything ok, comeback sketchup and export rails, holding circle to vector file, prepare pattern for wood cutting (by CNC, laser machine, or by scroll saw, carving wood…)

Full video for ceiling wood lamp drawing, please watch

For more tutorials or free pattern paper/wood cutting, please visit our website

90 degrees pop up cards for share

pop up cards

Hi everyone, This is an origamic architecture 90 degrees pop up cards, quick modeling in sketchup. We share you its pattern

90-degrees pop-up-cards-for-share

Pattern full size download here

90-degrees pop-up-cards-for-share-2

How to design this model, please watch this video. Software: Sketchup + Unfold plugin Real time: 46 minutes

For more tutorials, videos or patterns, please follow and check out website. Our website supply information about the cutting art, wood or paper cutting, free patterns or tutorials for DIY wood/paper cutting. Besides, you can find some articals for design with graphic software (as Coreldraw, photoshop, sketchup, blender….)  

Design a wooden box in sketchup

wooden box

Hi everyone,

Do you like to take or give a wooden box? And do you want to design a box by yourself?

In this article, I’ll show you the way to design a simple wooden love box in sketchup, for cutting and carving wood. I use original sketchup without plugin.


– Curve (A) to draw curve

– Rectangle (R) to draw rectangle or square

– Line (L) to draw line

– Push (P) to push or pull / extrude object.

– Material (B) to apply material (color, texture…)

First, Draw lid of box : draw rectangle, and subvide it to 2 part (Next steps we’ll do on a half and mirror after that.)

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-1

Using Curve tool (A) to draw a half of stencil heart (random as you want)

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-2

Duplicate half of heart (Hold Ctrl when move it) and flip it, then put two half together, erase some edges, we have a heart

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-3

Pust the face above with a thickness wood we’ll use, we have a lid piece wood with a cutting heart

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-4

Make carving letter with 3D text (Tool / 3D text) and type your text, extrude of text thinner than lid. Then put above faces of text on above faces of lid, and erase these faces on text

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-5

We have a lid box with carving letter and cutting heart.

Continuous with body box: Draw length and width pieces along corner of lid, then push them to heigh body

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-6

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-7

Make mountain rails to hold lid with body

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-11

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-8

Draw bottom of box : a rectangle piece with dimension same lid

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-9

Export pattern when finish steps above. This pattern for rate size: 100x150x250 mm, 12mm thickness wood

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-10

The result in sketchup

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-12

And real:

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-13

You can watch full tutorial in this video:

Hope you can make a wood box in sketchup or real with this article.

For more tutorials, videos or patterns, please follow and check out website.

Our website supply information about the cutting art, wood or paper cutting, free patterns or tutorials for DIY wood/paper cutting. Besides, you can find some articals for design with graphic software (as Coreldraw, photoshop, sketchup, blender….)




Design table lamp flower in sketchup

Design table lamp flower in sketchup

Sketchup is a 3D sofware, it’s very easy to use, but can creat complicate model. I usually use it to modeling pop-up cards, or wood cutting model. Today, I’ll show you the way a wooden lamp is created in sketchup. First, creat a polygon ( the number of edges as you want), here I creat a polygon with 20 edges (press 20s and enter after draw a circle). On each edges, creat a curve, you can make a shape as this: Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup – Delete polygon and contour (F shortcut) for this Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-1 – Make group for parts of it. Each part is a wooden peice after. Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-2 After group a part for all of them, we put them together as beginer. Then we put each part with high as wood thickness Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-3 Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-4 Move parts and rotate them to creat a lamp shades Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-5 Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-6 Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-7 – Creat body lamp : Draw trunk and leaves by using curve tool ( A shortcut): Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-8 Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-9 Divide many layer and put on as wood thickness


Creat foot and apply texture, check the model Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-11 Finish modeling, try to make it by wood cutting, and this is result, a wooden table lamp make by solid Melanorrhea laccifera Pierre wood, 12mm thickness. Table-lamp-LA020615-4 You can watch video below for full design in sketchup. If u have questions, please contact us for more informations.

For more tutorials, videos or patterns, please follow and check out website. Our website supply information about the cutting art, wood or paper cutting, free patterns or tutorials for DIY wood/paper cutting. Besides, you can find some articals for design with graphic software (as Coreldraw, photoshop, sketchup, blender….)  

[Tutorial] Love park pop up card

Hi everyone,
Today I show you the way to make a love pop up card. You can see the card as image below
To make this pop up card, firstly, you must have pattern. Please download free pattern here
You print that pattern to A4 paper (or paper you use to make card). Then please follow the step-by-step instructions below to make the card
– Step 1: Cutting outline pattern, you have many pieces (You can choose color for each piece). There is some diffirent from background piece to pattern because in pattern I divided background to 2 pieces (a half for A4 size)
– Step 2: Put first layer on background
– Step 3: Put second layer to background
– Step 4: Put some pieces together as this
– Step 5: Put part from step 4 between the first and second layer, and glue 
– Step 6: Fold tree and bench as this
– Step 7: Put tree and bench pieces into correct postitions
– Step 8: (Important) Glue 2 small pieces between the tree and the second layer. It’s very difficult to fold flat your card without them. (pieces in red cycles) 
Now you can finish your pop up card in your way. 
You can add more ivies, people or something to the card as you want. Here I give 2 examples: For love, and for F.A (just kidding xD )
The first card, a kissing couple with lighting colors for card, as a gift for love
The second card, a lonely man with darker ton of color, for the sad 
  Hope this artical useful for you.
More designs, patterns and tutorials, please visit our website 

[Tutorial] Make a butterfly popup card

Hi all,

Welcome back to our website.
Today, I’ll show you easy way to make a butterfly pop up card
You can watch tutorial in this video to
PREPARE: First, we have to prepare some material to do this card.
– Cutting knife or hobby, craft kinife.
– Cutting mat (or wood/glass/ceramic board)
– Pencil
– Erase
– Color paper
Now, we start to work
– Step 1: Fold paper and draw a half of butterfly on it
 – Step 2: Cutting outline pattern you’ve just drawn
– Step 3: Repeat steps above with other color paper, and with other butterflies size
– Step 4: Make some rectangle tubes.
Cutting paper to rectangle shape, and then you roll them to rectangle tubes in the same size.
– Step 5: Put tubes on background layer card, and glue them as this
– Step 6 : Glue butterflies together, and then glue them on tubes, you can also put some tubes between butterflies
Now, you have a pop up card with 3D butterflies 🙂