Draw ceiling lamp for wood cutting

wood cutting

Software: Sketchup


 – Curve: Draw curves

 – Push: Change object’s thickness

 – Array: When you move or rotate an object, you can copy it by press number and x or / (exam 5x, 5/ …)


First, start with rectangle. I always with a rectangle, to make a face and then I can draw everything on this face with draw tool as curve, line or freehand…

Use curve to draw a curve on that face to make a rail of lamp


Beacau the rail mirror then I only draw a half and then copy and flip it.

Then I make that rail to a component (press G – defaul). If I make a component, then I can fix one object for all the same components copy.

Draw a circle to hold the rails


Push the rail with high same thickness wood


Rotate and copy the rail component: Choose the component, then use rotate tool (Q) to rotate it, with center at center of the circle. And depend angle of rotate, you can multply or divide to copy components.

Exam: If you want to rotate 12degree, and copy to 30 component (for 360degree of all) , you can do 2 ways:

– Rotate 12 degrees and hold Ctrl to duplicate, then press 29x (multiply)

– Rotate 360 degrees and hold Ctrl to duplicate, then press 29/ (divide)




Push the holding circle with the thickness of wood


Scale to make the lamp as you want


Test lampshade: You can creat a light bulb to render and test shading

– Creat a Light bulb


– Apply material and texture for lamp


– Render to test shading


When you feel everything ok, comeback sketchup and export rails, holding circle to vector file, prepare pattern for wood cutting (by CNC, laser machine, or by scroll saw, carving wood…)

Full video for ceiling wood lamp drawing, please watch

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