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Today, I’ll show you easy way to make a butterfly pop up card
You can watch tutorial in this video to
PREPARE: First, we have to prepare some material to do this card.
– Cutting knife or hobby, craft kinife.
– Cutting mat (or wood/glass/ceramic board)
– Pencil
– Erase
– Color paper
Now, we start to work
– Step 1: Fold paper and draw a half of butterfly on it
 – Step 2: Cutting outline pattern you’ve just drawn
– Step 3: Repeat steps above with other color paper, and with other butterflies size
– Step 4: Make some rectangle tubes.
Cutting paper to rectangle shape, and then you roll them to rectangle tubes in the same size.
– Step 5: Put tubes on background layer card, and glue them as this
– Step 6 : Glue butterflies together, and then glue them on tubes, you can also put some tubes between butterflies
Now, you have a pop up card with 3D butterflies 🙂