Today, there are a large number of 3D greeting cards with variety of shape, color, size supplied by many manufacturers to meet customers’ demand. However, some manufacturers have not really care about quality control problems, leading to the fact that defective products are still consumed in the market.

Many customers. To help you be able to choose the good 3D greeting cards, we would like to give some tips to realize the bad products.


To have a good quality, all layers of the card is required to be made from 200-220gsm paper. To reduce the producing cost, some companies use inferior paper from China with lower paper weight. Products made from such kinds of paper are usually soft, uncertain and fragile.

The corners and edges uneven

To detect this error please folded cards and observe carefully its corners and edges. We would like to give some picture below.

Traces of glue and stains of cut

When applying glue to layers of card, handicraftsman make the glue spill onto the cover, edges or slots. In addition, visible yellow stains created by laser will be darker day by day if not be treated carefully. So when choosing the cards you should note carefully the edge, the slots, and the detail of each layer.

Sharpness of cut details

Technology used to produce cards is laser cutting. Sharpness of the cut depends on the quality of the cutting machine. Good laser machine will create intricate, small, thin cuts, while substandard laser machine will leave jaggies and could not create thin cuts.

The flatness of cards

Card surface are affected by process of attaching layers by glue. Sometimes due to using too much glue, card can be bulging or bent

  Above are the common mistakes that you can discover yourself. Hope that this article has shown you how to evaluate and choose the good 3D card to make gifts for your loved ones.