1. 3D Heart Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card

How to make 3D Heart Valentine Day Pop up Card

This pop-up card can be used for Valentine’s day, or for a birthday for a special person. This Valentine’s Day Pop-up card will surely impress the person you give it to. The heart is a sliceform design.

See detail intrucstion at 3D Heart Valentine Day Pop-up Card

2. Flower Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card

How To Make Flower Valentine Day Pop up Card

This flower valentine’s day pop-up card greeting card makes for a special flower delivery. A flat card blooms into a three-dimensional arrangement that’s much more unexpected than a vase of roses. It looks intricate but takes only some snippets of paper and cleverly placed tape to create.

This project may seem complicated at first glance, but once you follow the instructions here, you’ll realize just how easy it is to re-create.

See detail at Flower Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card

3. 90 degree Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card with pattern

DIY valentine day pop-up card

With valentines next month, we thought we would share AOC Craft instruction Valentine Day Pop-up Card and free pattern download with you. It is easy to do and has a stunning result. A nice craft project for your kids to do for their secret crush!

See detail and download pattern free at 90 degree Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card

4. Kissing Couple Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card Kissing Couple

This pop-up card features a boy and girl in the center of the card, surrounded by a bouquet of flowers.  As you open the card, the boy and girl move toward each other and kiss.  This is a very cute card because it actually moves as you open it, which makes it a very unique and impressive card.  It’s always been one of my favorite cards to make.

See detail instruction at Kissing Couple Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card

5. Unique Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card with pattern

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to get out your craft kit and make something beautiful so I was super excited to create a unique Valentine day Pop-up Card project just for you.

See instruction and download free pattern at Unique Valentine’s Day Pop-up Card