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25+ Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

The BIG HEART DAY will be here before we know it: Our mission… LOVE cards! Get out all the paper, prepare for the waterfall of red, white and pink puffy hearts all over…this is going to be fun! Whether you plan a fun crafternoon with the girlfriends or with the kids, these easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards are sure to send the right message to your friends and family this Valentine’s Day!


1. Rosette heart Card | NoBiggie
rosette box for Valentines Day |

2. Stitched Hearts card | Eigenwerk
Stitched Hearts card

3. Sending Lots of Love Valentine’s Day card | ME Ink (Etsy)
Sending Lots of Love Valentine's Day card

4. Couple Heart Hot Air Balloon Card | Theadoration (Etsy)
Couple Heart Hot Air Balloon Card

5. Heartfelt Valentines | Parents

6. Pale Pink Stamped Hearts card | Neat and Tangled
Pale Pink Stamped Hearts card

7. We fit | Puzzle Piece Valentine’s Day card | Real Simple
We fit | Puzzle Piece Valentine's Day card

8. Trifold Punched Heart Card | Crafty Sahm I Am
Trifold Punched Heart Card

9. Ribbon scrapes heart card | Simplicity
Ribbon scrapes heart card

10. Pink hearts bouquet card | Stampin’ Mom of Four
pink hearts bouquet card

11. Sprinkled With Love card | Lawn Scaping
sprinkled with love card

12. hearts on a string card | Splitcoast Stampers
hearts on a string card

13. Cut out hearts card | I’m In Haven
Cut out hearts card

14. love heart balloon card | Wallridgefarm (Etsy)
love heart balloon card

15. The Kissing Hand Pop-Up Card | Buggy and Buddy
The Kissing Hand Pop-Up Card

16. Heart of Red always card | Split Coast Stampers
Hearts of Red

17. Button Heart Card | American Crafts blog
button heart card

18. Heart Confetti Card | The Creative Place
heart Confetti card

19. Raining Love card | Downstairs Designs
raining love

20. Love You polaroid card | Crafting Confessions
love you polaroid card

21. Hearts flower card | Mom Dot
hearts flower card

22. Paper Roll Heart Stamp | Kiwi Crate
Paper Roll Heart Stamp

23. Tic Tac Toe xoxo card | Ling’s Happy Place
tic tac toe xo card

24. Cupid’s Arrow card | The Perfect Palette
cupid's arrow card

25. Bee Mine | NoBiggie
Bee Mine Valentine

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Window Cards

Ideas for Window Valentine’s Day Cards

A slight variation from stencil cards is window cards.  Instead of cutting a shape in a stencil, you can cut the shapes or text directly on the front cover of the Valentine’s Day cards.  You can decorate your card behind the mirror in a number of ways, such as putting sentimental photos, some patterned paper, or even some meaningful words.  We made a variety of window cards with different shapes and patterns.  Here’s a look at the cards we made:

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Window Cards

Ideas for Window Valentine’s Day Cards

[dt_sc_one_third first]Ideas for Valentine’s Day Window Cards[/dt_sc_one_third]
[dt_sc_one_third]Ideas for Valentine’s Day Window Cards[/dt_sc_one_third]
[dt_sc_one_third]Ideas for Valentine’s Day Window Cards[/dt_sc_one_third]

The cards in the top row have heart windows that we filled with pictures of our baby daughter. The bottom row has simple elegant rose cut out windows.

These are the 3 simple instructions on how to make window Valentine’s Day cards.

Step 1:

Draw the heart shapes on the front of the card using a pencil (draw lightly as you will need to erase any pencil marks that remains after cutting).  You can also use stencils to draw your heart. 

Follow the first step of the instructions in the Stencil Card section above to make your own stencil.  You can also draw other shapes such as flowers, balloons or square windows.  If you do not want to draw directly on your card, draw your pattern on a sheet of paper, and use this as a template to cut through your card. 

Tape or use repositionable glue to attach the template to your card.

Step 2:

If your pattern is large enough, you can use scissors to cut the window out.  If your pattern is small or complex, then you will want to use an X-Acto knife to cut the shapes out.  I’d recommend cutting your card on a self-healing mat or something you don’t mind cutting up (old magazine, stack of paper, phone book), so you do not damage your table top.

Step 3:

Finish the card by decorating the card behind the window.  Here are some creative ideas of things to put behind the window:  a photo; patterned paper, text, stenciled shapes, chocolate hearts or kisses.