Occasions that need a card account for a large number of day during the year. If you are always confused about what should be the best memorable gift for each event, here are some tips:

Gift for congratulations

Holiday Pop-up Card PCFT1603

New Year holiday is the fresh beginning to everyone. Beside going out with friends and relatives, you may give them presents and best wishes. But instead of boring traditional items, why don’t you try a new form of souvenir like a 3D card which is a popular trend recently. With a variety of designs and colors, handmade cards will fulfill your expectation.

Gift for birthdays

Animal-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1603 (2)

The birthday of your friends is coming but you are too busy to buy a present. Don’t worry, handmade card is the best solutions for your case. Cards with the images of birthday cake or candles, wrapped gifts is for you. Even you have buy another item, the card is still a value extra that showing your sincere.

Gift for wedding

Wedding-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1603 (1)

You are about to get married, celebrate your wedding elated to this subject such as groom and bride, wedding car and rings. Therefore you certainly find a perfect card.

Gift for love

Love-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1601 (2)

You are in love or intending to flirt someone. You want to give your partner something special in Valentine’s Day. Annually, there always were just flowers, chocolates, which is boring easy to forget. In this subject, you can send cards with images like couples, heart or other 3D models visualizing the first date. These cards will make the recipient feel great when thinking back to the milestone in love.

Gift for Christmas

Flower-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1603 (2)

Christmas is coming and you want to send gifts and best wishes to your family and friends. It will be easy and more valuable to give them pop up cards containing pictures of Santa or simply pine trees decorated colorfully.

Gift for other occasions

Other-Pop-up-Card-PCFT1602 (2)

There are many other events which come from differences of nations and cultures that you may want to send out a gift. In such cases, you have a lot of options depending on taste of recipients. For instance, if they are interested in ancient ship, car or the other valuable things that you cannot afford it, a small pattern attached in a card surely make them happy.

In general, handmade items with sophistication and complexity will make people amused. Moreover, they can be delivered easily with compact size in order to help you save much more time and display space. With reasonable price, they can also meet any criteria.

Wish you find a great gift through the share above.