Sketchup is a 3D sofware, it’s very easy to use, but can creat complicate model. I usually use it to modeling pop-up cards, or wood cutting model. Today, I’ll show you the way a wooden lamp is created in sketchup. First, creat a polygon ( the number of edges as you want), here I creat a polygon with 20 edges (press 20s and enter after draw a circle). On each edges, creat a curve, you can make a shape as this: Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup – Delete polygon and contour (F shortcut) for this Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-1 – Make group for parts of it. Each part is a wooden peice after. Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-2 After group a part for all of them, we put them together as beginer. Then we put each part with high as wood thickness Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-3 Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-4 Move parts and rotate them to creat a lamp shades Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-5 Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-6 Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-7 – Creat body lamp : Draw trunk and leaves by using curve tool ( A shortcut): Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-8 Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-9 Divide many layer and put on as wood thickness


Creat foot and apply texture, check the model Tutorial-design-table-lamp-flower-in-sketchup-11 Finish modeling, try to make it by wood cutting, and this is result, a wooden table lamp make by solid Melanorrhea laccifera Pierre wood, 12mm thickness. Table-lamp-LA020615-4 You can watch video below for full design in sketchup. If u have questions, please contact us for more informations.

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