Valentine’s day is the perfect time to get out your craft kit and make something beautiful so I was super excited to create a unique Valentine day Pop-up Card project just for you.

This time I wanted to create a little show stopper that would be really fun to make – I think this pop-up card does just that! The pop-up heart balloons and bunting make this a striking card to look at yet it’s really very simple to create at home.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card

You can even make the matching polka dot lined envelope. You will find a link to the printable templates below for the two-sided cards and envelope then you just need to follow the tutorial.

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card

Notes about printing your templates:

These are ready to download pattern. It has 3 pages A3 in the PDF. For a project like this where there is a lot of ink, I prefer to use a laser printer. You can find this service at FedEx Office or other office supply stores. You will want to print the two layers of the card on a card stock. The front image is just one sided where the second layer is brown craft on one side and the pink polka dot on the other.

You are ready to go.


DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card - Step by Step

DIY Valentine Day Pop-up Card – Step by Step

1. You will need download pattern and printables, scissors, craft knife, glue gun, ruler and twine.

2. Trim and score the flaps of your envelope using your scissors and a ruler.

3. Fold the left, right and bottom flaps in towards each other and glue together.

4. Trim the back and front of your card, the two balloon hearts and the bunting letters.

5. Using your craft knife, cut around the top outline of each cloud and around each balloon leaving a 1 inch hinge at the left edge of the pink heart and the right edge of the red heart. Bend them all out a little so that they “pop-up”.

6. Cut out your second pink and red heart and score down the middle with your ruler and scissors.

7. Glue your little “hugs” letters to a length of twine to create the bunting. Glue either end to the bottom of each heart balloon.

8. Glue along the fold of your second pink and red hearts and stick them in place on your card.

9. Glue the polka dot backing onto the card.

Have fun!