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Design a wooden box in sketchup

wooden box

Hi everyone,

Do you like to take or give a wooden box? And do you want to design a box by yourself?

In this article, I’ll show you the way to design a simple wooden love box in sketchup, for cutting and carving wood. I use original sketchup without plugin.


– Curve (A) to draw curve

– Rectangle (R) to draw rectangle or square

– Line (L) to draw line

– Push (P) to push or pull / extrude object.

– Material (B) to apply material (color, texture…)

First, Draw lid of box : draw rectangle, and subvide it to 2 part (Next steps we’ll do on a half and mirror after that.)

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-1

Using Curve tool (A) to draw a half of stencil heart (random as you want)

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-2

Duplicate half of heart (Hold Ctrl when move it) and flip it, then put two half together, erase some edges, we have a heart

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-3

Pust the face above with a thickness wood we’ll use, we have a lid piece wood with a cutting heart

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-4

Make carving letter with 3D text (Tool / 3D text) and type your text, extrude of text thinner than lid. Then put above faces of text on above faces of lid, and erase these faces on text

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-5

We have a lid box with carving letter and cutting heart.

Continuous with body box: Draw length and width pieces along corner of lid, then push them to heigh body

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-6

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-7

Make mountain rails to hold lid with body

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-11

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-8

Draw bottom of box : a rectangle piece with dimension same lid

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-9

Export pattern when finish steps above. This pattern for rate size: 100x150x250 mm, 12mm thickness wood

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-10

The result in sketchup

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-12

And real:

Design-a wooden-box-in-sketchup-13

You can watch full tutorial in this video:

Hope you can make a wood box in sketchup or real with this article.

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